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Elementary Teachers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Elementary Teachers - Essay Example attempt, they display exceptional expertise in bolstering barely glowing literacy embers. Their professional expertise enables them to engage highly effective, personalized conferences that frequently provide students with the extra time to ask questions or received targeted instruction they need to fill their specific literacy gaps. Compared to exceptionally gifted peers that teach in pre-schools, kindergarten, and first grades, highly effective second grade teachers have patience and gifts in helping students find answers to their own questions, with their support". (Block, et al,) "Highly effective third grade teachers are exceptional managers. They have particular expertise at working with a wide variety of ability levels, groups, and materials at a variety of readability levels simultaneously. They place high value in and enjoy using strategies that motivate students into literacy by effectively introducing broader ranges of readability levels, content topics, and genre that was possible in preschool through grade 2 classrooms. They believe that the key to literacy success for many third graders is to introduce many new genre so that students fall in love with a specific book. This in turn could lead them to desire because they want to read more complex books about that newly discovered area of interest. Among their teaching talents are managing the range of literacy competencies necessary to learn to read and read to learn. They distinguish themselves in their ability to bring books with few pictures to life, develop vivid backgrounds rapidly, and stimulate students to explore and question specific context topics. When students do not learn a concept on an initial attempt, they are particularly... The study occurred in four phases. In Phase I, six hundred forty-seven language arts supervisors from seven English-speaking countries engaged in a Delphi analysis, involving point-by-point analyses of highly effective instruction in action from preschool to grade 5. In Phase II, 1,294 characteristics of teaching expertise identified in Phase I were dimensionalized into 475 categorizes of teaching expertise and inter-rater reliabilities were computed. In Phase III, eleven prominent researchers from the USA, Canada, and Australia cross-validated data. In Phase IV, the Blocks wrote summaries of most distinctive qualities per grade level, compared qualities across grade levels, and analyzed commonalities and differences between qualities identified by supervisors versus researchers. Forty-six indices of teaching expertise distinguished highly effective preschool to grade 5 literacy teachers from one another. Applications of these data for research, policy, and practice were described. The purpose of this study was to create a descriptive database of preschool to grade 5 teaching expertise.

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